The association „Casa căutătorului de aur” was founded in May 2015 and it is headquartered at grey-head’s Ioan Catalina home –  Stănija village, Buceş parish, number 99 A, Hunedoara county,at about 7 km from the centre of Buceş parish.

Association’s main activity consists in the promotion of tourism in Stănija -former mining area- and all its surroundings.

Vedere generală curte

In order to keep alive the memory of mining and „gold’s birth”,the members of this association will offer lessons about mining’s history as they can benefit from Ioan Catalina’s wide experience and his old laboratory.

The story of mining in Stanija has begun since Antiquity,met its peak and lasted up to the middle of 20th Century because after then it continued to exist,but at a lower level.

This craft of gold research is the main attraction for both romanian and foreign tourists who  arrive here to meet this wonderful region of the country. Ioan Catalina is considered as being the last romanian „gold searcher”  as he is the only one authorized to practice this craft legally. He perpetuated the tradition inherited from his grandfather and he enjoyed extracting gold from the streams which cross Stanija village (Tisa,Malita,etc.) with his own machineries and inside his own laboratory where he had a lot of tools and equipments.

The members of the association will also guide tourists to another local attractions: Saritoarea waterfall (located at about 600m upstream from association’s headquarter), former mine entries,Tisa and Malita valley.

The following period will find us landscaping and marking the future trails to our touristic objectives,getting everything in right order just to be ready to satisfy our customers and we will also build the „House of gold’s researcher”  where we will offer accomodation for maximum 14 persons at the same time.

Inside the association „Casa cautatorului de aur”- „House of gold’s researcher”-Ioan Catalina received the status of Honorary Member.