The Association „House of gold’s researcher”

                          Structure of social economy founded inside the project

POSDRU/173/6.1/S/147340 – Economie Sociala (Social Economy) – din Ţara Moţilor până-n Ţara Zarandului


Setting up and running

  • Social economy structure with distinctive legal personality;afferent P1- Buces City Hall;
  • It will operate independently of P1; every expense will be covered by the association,in its own name and it will be registered in its own accounting;
  • Legal framework : OG26/2000 with the subsequent additions GSCS, DMI 6.1-2014;


  • SES 4 – the newly created entity;
  • Number of jobs: 5 (1 SES manager + 3 touristic guides + 1 promoting tourism expert


  • To offer a wide range of touristic services;


Amount of requested aid: 770.437,50 Ron, respectiv, 175.000 Euro


Establishment of SES 4 “The Association House of gold’s researcher”

  • Establishing the location and the purpose;
  • Drafting documents with regard to the creation and the promotion;
  • Construction of the building;
  • Acquisitions for the endowment;
  • Making of the tax file

Integrated services of information and promotion

  • Elaboration of strategy for the next 3 years;

Advertisement and marketing

  • Connecting to computer network;
  • Information and advertisement,touristic marketing,development of a web page

Management services

  • Training for the staff;
  • Management of services and funds

Main customers

  • Organizes groups of tourists interested in seeing how the gold is being seeked;
  • Tourists from different regions of our country or from abroad;
  • Tourist eager to practice some mountain hiking;
  • Tourists or athletes who practice climbing or paragliding

Main services

  • Free services:

– mining lessons;

– training in the craft of searching gold;

–  services of promoting the tourism;

  • Paid services:

– accommodation and breakfast, modern kitchen

–  training in the craft of searching gold for the foreign tourists;

Financial sustainability:

The amount of monthly income will be of 33.500 Ron,while the annually gain is estimated at 402.000 Ron. These aspects come as a proof of the usefulness of SES 4 and the efficiency of its services.

Sustainability of the created jobs:

All the jobs which this project brought to life will be registered in REVISAL by individual employment contract for an indefinitely period.